LED Lighting Solutions for the Trade Show Industry

Many companies in the trade show industry - venue management, rental companies, display builders, exhibitors, – are moving in a ‘green’ direction and considering elements of sustainable booth design. 

Being green is not as difficult as it once was.  And we make it even easier.  LED Exhibit Lighting has created a line of energy-saving, eco-friendly LED lighting solutions specifically designed for the trade show industry.  So what can you do to be more environmentally responsible?

Choose Energy Saving LED Lighting

Trade show lighting is a huge energy waster.  By choosing an eco-friendly option like LED lighting you can reduce energy consumption by an incredible 90% over traditional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lamps.  Learn more about lowering your energy use >


Choose a Safer Source of Booth Illumination

LED lights operate at a lower temperature than halogen which are prone to catching fire and banned in several Las Vegas and Chicago venues.  For this reason, LED lighting is an ideal replacement to halogen in enclosed environments like trade show venues.  

Voltages are lower with LED lights making dangerous shock hazards less likely and installation safer.  For this reason, LED lighting is an ideal replacement to AC-run incandescent and fluorescent lights.

Choose Durable, Eco-Friendly LED Lighting

We all have a social obligation to clean up after ourselves and as one of the biggest producers of waste in our environment today, the trade show industry needs to consider more sustainable, eco-friendly and socially responsible products like LED Exhibit Lighting solutions.

While beautiful and versatile our LED lights are also incredibly sturdy, long-lasting and durable in their design. The LED lamps themselves offer longer lamp life and less breakage - and thus create less waste - than non-LED options.